Hello Folks!

This site has no fancy portofolio or gallery, (you name it), but one thing i have been in the top ranked designer at

Since about the "Overload Project",
i'm about in "forever" maintenance 🙂

if you can’t wait, just email me at


Logo Design

I’ve done almost all type of LogoDesign, and hundreeds client satisfied!

Print Design

My client always happy with my service from designing Business Card, Newspaper, Brochure, Trifold, Magazines to complex Annual report. 

Social Media Development

I take care our client’s social media branding, so their pages will always dynamic and updated, they just send the brief, and we take care of it until published.. Mostly with no revision, client always happy!!

PowerPoint Presentations

All Slides are custom made by me, you can feel the flows!

Web development

I will help you to develop your website, redesign or start from blank. I also can purchasing your specific domain and hosting plans

Brand strategy

I always want to make sure that our client brands are flows smooth! The brand identity and personality will saturated and united!

Here my online potofolio in

I've done thousands concept of graphic design!